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Multicolour Gems Library

At, it’s our goal to help you learn about color gemstones, so you can make the best choice. Learn what gives a sapphire its deep blue color, why clear rubies are so rare, where we get our gems from, and much more.

Featured Article

Gemstone Enhancement
by Jul Netco and David Weinberg
Gemstone EnhancementMost natural coloured gemstones are treated or enhanced to intensify the colour, diminish imperfections or improve durability.

Commonly used and accepted treatments for different types of coloured stone are: Oiling, Heating (also known as a "Burning") and Diffusion.

For example: many corundums have been heated to enhance the color and this treatment is generally excepted in the trade.

David Gems Buying Guide: Part I
by David Weinberg
Understanding the value of colored stones is vital to a successful purchase, but grading and valuation is not that easy.
Werner Dark Continent
by Gill Baker
Here at, one very extraordinary man is the linchpin in a fascinating story which links you, our beautiful stones and the magical, mysterious dark continent of Africa.
Illaka Sapphires from Madagascar
by Uli Rauss
This story begins about one year ago in Ilakaka, a romantic place on an Island in the Southwest of the Indian Ocean.

Gem by Gem
Afghanite Akoya Pearl
Alexandrite Amblygonite
Amethyst Ametrine
Andalusite Apatite
Aquamarine Benitoite
Beryl Bixbite
Chalcedony Chondrodite
Chrome Tourmaline Chrysoberyl
Chrysoberyl Cats Eye Chrysoprase
Citrine Clinohumite
Color Change Garnet Color Change Sapphire
Danburite Demantoid
Diamond Diaspore
Dinosaur Bone Diopside
Dumortierite Edenite
Emerald Enstatite
Epidote Fire Agate
Fluorite Freshwater Pearl
Gahnospinel Goshenite
Grandidierite Grossularite
Hambergite Hauyne
Hemimorphite Hessonite
Hibonite Idocrase
Iolite Jadeite
Jeremejevite Kornerupine
Kunzite Lapis
Lazulite Malaia Garnet
Mali Garnet Mawsitsit
Moonstone Morganite
Musgravite Opal
Painite Pargasite
Peridot Petalite
Pezzottaite Phenakite
Pollucite Poudretteite
Prehnite Rhodizite
Rhodochrosite Rhodolite
Rose Quartz Ruby
Sapphire Sapphirine
Scapolite Scheelite
South Sea Pearl Spessartite
Sphalerite Sphene
Spinel Taaffeite
Tahitian Pearl Tanzanite
Topaz Tourmaline
Tsavorite Turquoise
Vayrynenite Zircon

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Gem Library/
Gems Legend and  Lore Gems Legend and Lore
Some of the latest of ways that gems have been associated with Birthstones and Signs of the Zodiac.
Understanding Gemstones Understanding Gemstones
Learn about Physical and Optical properties, color, clarity and cut of gemstones.
Gems Glossary Gems Glossary
Ever wonder what are "Blemish", "Luster", "Saturation" "Uniformity" or "Mine Run" means?
Reference and  Links Reference and Links
Recommended books and links to Gem, Jewelry&Mineral Magazines, Gem Institutes and Labs.

Book’s Corner/
Buy at Ruby & Sapphire by Richard W. Hughes
Price: USD 98.00
"This book is surely the best study ever done on the exotic subject of rubies and sapphires..."
see more recommendations

Gem Facts/
  • The name crystal is derived from the Greek word Krystallos which came from the Latin word Kryos meaning icy cold. The ancients believed that crystals formed from water which froze so hard that it would never melt.
  • Ancient Vikings are known to have tested Emeralds by smashing them with a hammer. One can only wonder how many rare and beautiful Emeralds were destroyed by this ignorance.
  • The toughest gemstone is actually Jadeite or Jade. Early tools and hammers have been found which were formed from this gem mineral.

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