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Natural Star Sapphire
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Sapphires that display asterism are known as "stars" in the trade. Cabochon-cut star sapphires characteristically shows a six-rayed star. Although stars can occur in a range of colors many stars are grayish or dark and the supply of fine stones is always limited. Black star sapphires which range from translucent to opaque are often very dark brown, green, or blue, rather than true black. Black stars are the most available and least expensive, natural star stones and are especially popular in gents rings. Green star sapphires are rare and yellow or orange ones are very rare. The star is a result of the light reflecting of off of the silky crystallizations of rutile inside the stone.

Known Facts
Color Key: Blue, green blue, violet, blue, black, brown, pink.
Refractive Index: 1.759-1.778
Chemical Composition: AL2O3
Hardness: 9
Density: 4.00
Crystal Group: Hexagonal
Ocurrence: Sri Lanka, Burma, India, East Africa, Ankarana-Madagascar, Thailand, Vietnam.

Modern heat treatments that remove the silky rutile inclusions improve clarity but at the same time remove the asterism because it is the silky material which is responsible for the asterism and without the silk, there are no stars. Clean stars do not exist! Marketed stars typically range from 1 - 10cts. in size but some stones are much larger. The American Museum of Natural History's collection includes one of the world's largest and most spectacular blue sapphires- the 153ct. Star of India.

Madagascar star sapphires from Ankarana can be very large and frequently display excellent asterism. We photograph our stars with a fiber optic light above the stone and the effect is similar to direct sunlight or a spotlight. The denim blue color of Madagascar Star Sapphires can be quite even except for the crystal growth lines which prove that the stone is natural.

In terms of price and quality, blue star sapphires from Madagascar are incomparable in value. Ceylon and Burma both produce limited quantities of blue stars but although some are better in quality, their prices are normally substantially higher.

Some traditions say that the star sapphire is a stone of destiny, and that its star acts as a guiding light and protects its wearer against evil. To medieval Christians, the three intersecting bands that form the star represented the spiritual virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity, Today star sapphire provides a phenomenal September birthstone alternative.

Star Sapphire Star Sapphire
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