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Danburite  Pear Slightly included
Size: 16.00 X 12.10 MM
Weight: 9.610 CTS
Shape: Pear
Clarity: Slightly included
Usually ships within 24 hours
20 % OFF, YOU SAVE 41.60 USD
USD 166.40
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Featured this week
Mawsitsit  N/A Opaque
Size: 73.80 X 43.30 MM
Weight: 119.700 GR
Clarity: Opaque
Usually ships within 24 hours
USD 240.00
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Calibrated [1056] Carving [17]
Closeout [302] Jewelry [4]
Mixed Lot [432/5] Pair [958/14]
Rough [32] Single [9068/49]

Browse gemstone sets: [ 62 ]total items
Spinel  Oval Eye clean to Slightly included
Total Weight: 26.740 CTS
Shape: Oval
Clarity: Eye clean to Slightly included
Usually ships within 24 hours

USD 1732.75

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Ruby  Square Eye clean to Slightly included
Total Weight: 2.040 CTS
Shape: Square
Clarity: Eye clean to Slightly included
Usually ships within 24 hours

USD 220.32

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Ruby  Marquise Eye clean
Total Weight: 1.470 CTS
Shape: Marquise
Clarity: Eye clean
Usually ships within 24 hours

USD 105.84

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Browse gemstones varieties: [ 11869 ]total items, 68new items
Afghanite [17] Kunzite [16]
Agate [4] Lapis [12]
Akoya Pearl [5] Malaia Garnet [502 / 4 ]
Alexandrite [374 / 2 ] Mali Garnet [68]
Amber [25] Mawsitsit [605 / 3 ]
Amblygonite [6] Meteorite [2]
Amethyst [415] Moonstone [42]
Ametrine [27 / 3 ] Morganite [139 / 4 ]
Anatase [6] Musgravite [1]
Andalusite [18] Opal [28]
Apatite [20] Painite [2]
Aquamarine [951 / 11 ] Pargasite [6]
Beryl [137] Parisite [11]
Bixbite [1] Peridot [43 / 4 ]
Chalcedony [49] Petalite [16]
Chondrodite [67] Pezzottaite [6]
Chrome Tourmaline [216] Phenakite [6]
Chrysoberyl [355 / 1 ] Pollucite [5]
Chrysoberyl Cats Eye [4] Poudretteite [3]
Chrysoprase [41] Prehnite [4]
Citrine [81 / 4 ] Rhodizite [5]
Color Change Garnet [228 / 9 ] Rhodochrosite [4]
Color Change Sapphire [6] Rhodolite [301]
Danburite [464 / 1 ] Rose Quartz [13]
Demantoid [8] Ruby [366 / 5 ]
Diamond [42 / 2 ] Sapphire [2163 / 4 ]
Diaspore [27] Sapphirine [1]
Dinosaur Bone [81 / 6 ] Scapolite [26]
Diopside [3] Scheelite [2]
Edenite [1] Serendibite [20]
Emerald [116 / 1 ] Sillimanite [10]
Enstatite [21] South Sea Pearl [47]
Epidote [7] Spessartite [179]
Fire Agate [26] Sphalerite [16]
Fluorite [5] Sphene [150]
Freshwater Pearl [106] Spinel [534]
Goshenite [6] Star Sapphire [12]
Grandidierite [78] Stibiotantalite [6]
Grossularite [6] Taaffeite [17]
Hambergite [23] Tahitian Pearl [44]
Hauyne [5] Tanzanite [504]
Hemimorphite [5] Topaz [166]
Herderite [11] Tourmaline [454 / 4 ]
Hessonite [6] Triplite [10]
Idocrase [21] Tsavorite [697]
Iolite [30] Turquoise [77]
Jadeite [10] Vayrynenite [3]
Jeremejevite [5] Zircon [345]
Kornerupine [14]
Featured Article

David Wein Fine Jewelry Store

David Wein Fine Jewelry Store
David Wein is an online fine jewelry store associated with Multicolour Gems. After more than 30 years of buying, cutting, trading, and collecting gemstones, we decided to expand our range and set some of our top stones into jewelry.

With a commitment to quality and a focus on detail, our mission has been to create a variety of original and classical styles that reflect our strengths and accessibility to a broad range of colored and color changing stones from Africa and Brazil.

And, for customers that wish to create their own design -yes we can, and you can select your own center stone. Just send us an email or give us a call. All of our pieces are manufactured here in Bangkok under our strict supervision and quality control.

Alexandrite Gemstone Collectors Guide, The

Alexandrite Gemstone Collectors Guide The alexandrite gemstone buyer and collectors guide contains comprehensive information on the features and background of the alexandrite.

Many key aspects of alexandrite gemstone are discussed throughout this guide, from the history which affected the stone´s name to the color changing phenomena and its role in the gemstone´s value.

Readers can also learn the differences between natural and synthetic alexandrite, as well as find the answers for many common questions regarding alexandrite identification.

Madagascar Multicolor Gemstones Guide

Madagascar Report Madagascar is the fifth largest island in the world. It measures 1,580 km from north to south, 450-580 km from east to west, and has a total area of 587,000 km

Madagascar is an extraordinary country – vibrant, exciting, frightening and fun, all at once.

Madagascar is home to some of the world´s richest untapped seams of pink sapphires, and as regular visitors will know, pink sapphires are among the hottest coloured gemstones to hit the market in recent years...

David Weinberg Giant red spinel crystal discovered in East Africa
by David Weinberg
  Mined at depth of 10 meters in a farmer´s field in Mahenge, Tanzania, the pyramid shaped crystal weighing over 52kgs was discovered by a group of miners in the alluvial deposit.
Rare gem triplite specimen discovered in Tucson
by David Weinberg
  Sharp mineral dealer discovers extremely rare mineral specimen being used as a paper weight at the Tucson show. The 150 gram rock turned out to be triplite, an extremely rare mineral found sparingly at a few localities throughout the world
Giant size top color clean tsavorite discovered in East Africa
by David Weinberg
  Weighing in at 325.14 carats, this extraordinary tsavorite is one of the largest most valuable gems ever to be discovered in East Africa.
Gemstones Buying Guide, the 4 c´s and more
by David Weinberg
  Understanding the value of colored stones is vital to a successful purchase, but grading and valuation is not that easy. Indeed, it is a far more subjective process than grading diamonds.
Describing Color in Gemstones, Color Communication.
by David Weinberg
  People perceive color differently and their impressions are probably created from the time they receive their first set of crayons. Our verbalization of color is based on the GIA/Munsell color grading system....
Gemstones Clarity.
by David Weinberg
  After color, the most important factor affecting the value of colored gemstones is clarity - a gemstone?s relative freedom from inclusions and surface blemishes. Inclusions can affect both appearance and durability...
Gems and Astrology
  As early 1400 B.C., people of many cultures have endowed gemstones with magical properties, believing that certain minerals contained unique powers.

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Finest gems/
Taaffeite Single
From our finest gemstones collection
Taaffeite Single Oval Eye clean to Slightly included
Size: 8.50 X 6.60 MM
Weight: 2.290 CTS
Shape: Oval
Clarity: Eye clean to Slightly included
Usually ships within 24 hours
USD 14616.00

Deal of the Day/
Chrome Tourmaline Single
limited time offer, ref# YCH103aq
Chrome Tourmaline Single Pear Slightly included
Size: 8.70 X 5.80 MM
Weight: 1.030 CTS
Shape: Pear
Clarity: Slightly included
Usually ships within 24 hours
10 % OFF, YOU SAVE 13.90 USD
USD 125.10

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272 Alexandrite ’s available
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Tanzanite Tanzanite
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Zircon Zircon
244 Zircon ’s available
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Leo Leo
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Fixed sign. Leo is enthusiastic and creative. Your zodiac stone...more

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