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Cancer ( 22nd June–23rd July )
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Opposite Sign: Capricorn
Ruling Planet: Moon

Cardinal Sign. Relates to water. Cancer is receptive, sensitive and imaginative, sympathetic, kind, emotional and possesses an active, shrewd and intuitive mind.


Pearl is your birthstone. Pearl is said to help one see themselves and help improve self-worth. Giving a loved one a gift of natural Pearls is one of the nicest gifts one can give. It allows the wearer to see the love of the person who gave them the Pearls.


Emerald is your zodiac stone. Emeralds from Egypt are known to date from about 330 B.C., and indirect evidence suggests that Egyptians were mining emerald as early as 1300 B.C. The name Emerald comes from the Greek smaragdos meaning "green stone" and probably referred, in fact, not just to Emeralds but to all or many green gems. Emerald boasts a great deal of folklore. It was used as a burnt offering, a symbol of St.John and supposedly was used as an antidote for poison, a cure for fevers and epilepsy, eye relief (due to the exceptional color), a cure for dysentery and leprosy, a cure for ophthalmic and bleeding, a cure for stomach problems (when laid on the stomach), and a good laxative.


Sapphire is your talisman stone. Prized since ancient times, Sapphire has been called the Gem of the Heavens. Persians believed the earth rested on an enormous Sapphire and the sky reflected its beautiful color. In the 12th century, the Bishop of Rennes praised the Sapphire and initiated its use in ecclesiastical rings. Sapphire was thought to give the wearer strengthened vision, including visions of the future. Sapphire was believed to be a symbol of truth and constancy.


Ruby is your mystical stone. Rubies were thought to ward off misfortune and ill health. They are given as a symbol of success, devotion and integrity. According to ancient lore, a Ruby is capable of reconciling lovers' quarrels. Ruby engagement rings are given to express passion and promise of their heart.


Moonstone is your planet stone. In India, Moonstone is regarded as a sacred stone. It is believed to bring good fortune. Legend says that Moonstone is a highly prized gift for lovers as it arouses tender passion.

Lucky Charm

Cat's Eye is your lucky charm stone.

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