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Gems and Astrology

As early 1400 B.C., people of many cultures have endowed gemstones with magical properties, believing that certain minerals contained unique powers.

Aries Aries
21th March–20th April
Cardinal sign. Born to be a Leader. Aries is active, energetic, excitable, optimistic, impulsive, open to change and new experiences.
Libra Libra
24th September–23rd October
Cardinal Sign. Libra is active, artistic, easygoing, peaceable, a prize beauty and harmonious. They are diplomatic, polished and very socially inclined.
Taurus Taurus
21st April–21st May
Mutable Sign. Very earthy, quiet, affectionate, patient, stable, determined and practical, stubborn and resistant to change.
Scorpio Scorpio
24th October–22nd November
Fixed Sign. Scorpio is imaginative, passionate and emotional, subtle, persistent, intense, obstinate and unyielding.
Gemini Gemini
22th May–21st June
Dual nature. You can go in many directions. Gemini is lively, energetic, versatile, and intellectual, lives primarily in the mind rather than the emotions and is extremely adaptable to new situations.
Sagittarus Sagittarus
23rd November–21st December
Mutable Sign. Goes at a great gallop. Sagittarius is energetic, ambitious, generous, freedom loving and a seeker of challenge, open to new ideas and exploration.
Cancer Cancer
22nd June–23rd July
Cardinal Sign. Relates to water. Cancer is receptive, sensitive and imaginative, sympathetic, kind, emotional and possesses an active, shrewd and intuitive mind.
Capricorn Capricorn
22nd December–20th January
Cardinal Sign. Highly intuitive. Capricorn is reserved, prudent, patient, uses cunning instead of force, seeks security, is acquisitive, disciplined, determined and quick to seize opportunity.
Leo Leo
24th July–23rd August
Fixed sign. Leo is enthusiastic, powerful, expansive and creative, generous and extravagant, dogmatic and fixed in opinions. Roars for a good cause. Inwardly possessive of spirituality and deep love.
Aquarius Aquarius
21st January–19th February
Fixed Sign. Water, water everywhere. Aquarius is assertive, independent, progressive, analytical, original and inventive, and has strong likes and dislikes and a very firm opinion.
Virgo Virgo
24th August–23rd September
Mutable Sign. A total perfectionist. Virgo is reserved, modest, practical, discriminating and industrious, analytical and painstaking, seeking to know and understand.
Pisces Pisces
20th February–20th March
Mutable Sign. Very sensitive. Pisces is receptive, intuitive and emotional, imaginative, romantic, impressionable and mystical, adaptable and very changeable.

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