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Libra ( 24th September–23rd October )
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Opposite Sign: Aries
Ruling Planet: Venus

Cardinal Sign. Libra is active, artistic, easygoing, peaceable, a prize beauty and harmonious. They are diplomatic, polished and very socially inclined.


Opal is your birthstone. Mysterious Opals contain the wonders of the skies – sparking rainbows, fireworks, and lightning – shifting and moving in their depths. Opal has been treasured throughout history around the world. Archaeologist Louis Leakey found six thousand year old Opal artifacts in a cave in Kenya! Roman historian Pliny described the beauty of Opal as the combination of the beauty of all other gems: "There is in them a softer fire than the Ruby, there is the brilliant purple of the amethyst, and the sea green of the emerald – all shining together in incredible union". Opal's anniversary gemstone is for the 14th and 18th years of marriage.


Peridot is your zodiac stone. The Romans called peridot "evening emerald", since its green color did not darken at night but was still visible by lamplight. Peridot had the power to drive away evil spirits and the power was considered to be even more intense when the stone was set in gold. Peridot was also said to strengthen the power of any medicine drunk from goblets carved from the gemstone.


Agate is your talisman stone. Agate was highly valued as a talisman or amulet in ancient times. It was said to quench thirst and protect from fevers. Persian magicians used Agate to divert storms.


Pink Tourmaline is your mystical stone. Pink Tourmaline promotes female balance and protection. Green Tourmaline promotes male balance. According to legend, all colors of Tourmaline protect the wearer against many dangers and misfortunes.


Sapphire is your planet stone. Sapphire has long symbolized truth, sincerity and faithfulness. Tradition holds that Moses was given the Ten Commandments on tablets of Sapphire, making it the most sacred gemstone. Because Sapphires represent divine favor, they were the gemstone of choice for kings and high priests. The British Crown Jewels are full of large Blue Sapphire's, the symbol of pure and wise rulers. Since Sapphire symbolizes sincerity and faithfulness, it is an excellent choice for an engagement ring. When Prince Charles chose a Sapphire engagement ring for Princess Diana, couples all over the world were inspired to revive this venerable tradition.

Lucky Charm

Phenakite is your lucky charm stone.

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