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Virgo ( 24th August–23rd September )
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Opposite Sign: Pisces
Ruling Planet: Mercury

Mutable Sign. A total perfectionist. Virgo is reserved, modest, practical, discriminating and industrious, analytical and painstaking, seeking to know and understand.


Peridot is your birthstone. Peridot is a gem that has been connected to superstition throughout the ages. Associated with the sun, peridot is believed to have the power to break evil spells and dispel the mysteries of the dark. During the Middle Ages, people wore peridot to gain foresight and divine inspiration. The Gem of the Sun was thought to dissolve enchantments. When pierced and worn around the left arm, it drove away evil spirits. Peridot was believed to cure liver disease and dropsy. It also was believed to stop nightmares and relieve the wearer of envy. Peridot , held under the tongue, lessened thirst during fever. Peridot is the anniversary gemstone for the 16th year of marriage.


Carnelian is your zodiac stone. Carnelian is used for clear thinking. It is said to help balance creativity and mental processing. Carnelian was said to bring luck, protection and comfort in the 1700's. In the 1800's, Carnelian was said to help those who needed courage to speak. Mohammed, Napoleon I and Napoleon III, all wore Carnelian.


Zircon is your talisman stone. Hindu poets talk of the Kalpa Tree, the ultimate gift to the gods, which was a glowing tree covered with gemstone fruit with leaves of Zircon. Zircon has long had a supporting role to more well-known gemstones, often stepping in as an understudy when they were unavailable. In the Middle Ages, Zircon was said to aid sleep, bring prosperity, and promote honor and wisdom. The name is said to have comes from the Persian word zargus, which means "gold-colored", although Zircon comes in a wide range of different colors.


Chrysocolla Quartz is your mystical stone. It is believed that Chrysocolla is a very feminine stone, which balances emotions and eases heartache and tension. It also brings out inner strengths.


Citrine is your planet stone. Citrine is one of the most affordable gemstones, thanks to the durability and availability of this golden quartz. Named after the French name for lemon, "citron," many Citrines have a juicy lemon color. In ancient times, Citrine was carried as a protection against snake venom and evil thoughts.

Lucky Charm

Calcite is your lucky charm stone. It facilitates an awareness and understanding of nature. It is also used as an aid for remembering astral travel experiences. Fears are alleviated and it clears and balances the harmony of the wearer.

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