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Gemini ( 22th May–21st June )
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Opposite Sign: Sagittarius
Ruling Planet: Mercury

Dual nature. You can go in many directions. Gemini is lively, energetic, versatile, and intellectual, lives primarily in the mind rather than the emotions and is extremely adaptable to new situations.


Moonstone and Alexandrite are your birthstones. Moonstone was used in Roman jewelry about 100 AD. It was a popular stone with Art Nouveau jewelers. In India Moonstone is still a sacred gem. East Indian tradition holds Moonstone to be a symbol of the Third Eye and clarifies spiritual understanding. Moonstone has been attributed with arousing tender passion in lovers. When placed in the mouth during a full moon, it allowed the holder to predict the future. Moonstone protected against epilepsy and sunstroke. It was thought to cure headaches and nosebleeds. Alexandrite was named for Czar Alexander II of Russia. It was discovered in the Ural Mountains on his birthday in 1830. Alexandrite can assist one in centering the self, reinforcing self-esteem, and augmenting ones ability to experience joy.


Agate is your zodiac stone. It has been shown to be beneficial to the health of Gemini who suffers from circulatory problems and has been shown as an aid to getting your intuitive feelings turned to a higher pitch. It is also an aid to relieving depression. The Agate vibrates to the levels of your ruling planet Mercury and therefore is beneficial for you. Also, Agate will protect you from deception, and give you the gift of the gab.

Talisman and Planet

Emerald is your talisman and planet stone. Emerald is also your zodiac stone. Emeralds from Egypt are known to date from about 330 B.C., and indirect evidence suggests that Egyptians were mining emerald as early as 1300 B.C. The name Emerald comes from the Greek smaragdos meaning "green stone" and probably referred, in fact, not just to Emeralds but to all or many green gems. Emerald boasts a great deal of folklore. It was used as a burnt offering, a symbol of St.John and supposedly was used as an antidote for poison, a cure for fevers and epilepsy, eye relief (due to the exceptional color), a cure for dysentery and leprosy, a cure for ophthalmic and bleeding, a cure for stomach problems (when laid on the stomach), and a good laxative. Emerald is the gemstone to neutralize the evil effects of Mercury and to enhance its good qualities.


Ametrine is your mystical stone. Ametrine is used to increase personal clarity. It's ideal for meditation and enhancing psychic abilities. It has a great calming and comforting influence.

Lucky Charm

Tsavorite is your lucky charm stone.

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