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You can search 11133 gemstones in 8 categories.

Step 1: Please select at least one gemstone category and/or variety:

Calibrated Carving
Closeout Jewelry
Mixed Lot Pair
Rough Single
Afghanite Jeremejevite
Akoya Pearl Kornerupine
Alexandrite Kunzite
Amber Lapis
Amblygonite Lazulite
Amethyst Malaia Garnet
Ametrine Mali Garnet
Anatase Mawsitsit
Andalusite Meteorite
Apatite Moonstone
Aquamarine Morganite
Benitoite Opal
Beryl Pargasite
Bixbite Parisite
Chalcedony Peridot
Chondrodite Petalite
Chrome Tourmaline Pezzottaite
Chrysoberyl Phenakite
Chrysoprase Pollucite
Citrine Poudretteite
Clinohumite Prehnite
Color Change Garnet Rhodizite
Color Change Sapphire Rhodochrosite
Danburite Rhodolite
Demantoid Rose Quartz
Diamond Ruby
Diaspore Sapphire
Dinosaur Bone Scapolite
Diopside Scheelite
Dumortierite Serendibite
Edenite South Sea Pearl
Emerald Spessartite
Enstatite Sphalerite
Epidote Sphene
Fire Agate Spinel
Fluorite Star Sapphire
Freshwater Pearl Taaffeite
Gahnospinel Tahitian Pearl
Goshenite Tanzanite
Grandidierite Topaz
Grossularite Tourmaline
Hambergite Triplite
Hemimorphite Tsavorite
Hessonite Turquoise
Idocrase Vayrynenite
Iolite Zircon
Search Popularity Index/
Variety Name: Hits Index
Going Down Amber -15258 -3.1%
average price USD 194.57 per item
Going Up Sapphire +7789 +1.8%
average price USD 330.83 per item
Going Up Alexandrite +477 +0.2%
average price USD 1543.65 per item
Going Up Tanzanite +247 +0.2%
average price USD 522.31 per item
Going Down Spinel -49 -0.1%
average price USD 498.52 per item

Search Tips/
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  • Records per page you can specify a number of records you want see per one page.
  • Make search faster – use “Text Only” option.
  • Sort your results and limit your search by using boolean “Match ALL options“.
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