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What enhancements are used on emeralds?

Emeralds are occasionally color-enhanced by introducing dye into surface reaching fissures to deepen the green color of less valuable lighter Emeralds. This treatment is easily detected by observing the Emerald under magnification. None of the Emeralds we offer have been color-enhanced by introducing dye.

What Enhancements are used on EmeraldsUnlike Rubies and Sapphires, Emeralds are never exposed to heat treatment to enhance color or clarity. Instead, Emeralds are typically treated with oil or other "fillers". The purpose of this is to draw the filling substance into any surface-reaching fissures (on a microscopic level) to improve the clarity of the Emerald. This results in a slight improvement in the visual appearance of the Emerald; it cannot make a dramatic change in the appearance, however. For example, it cannot make a heavily included Emerald appear to have very slight inclusions. There is little to no improvement in the appearance of Emeralds that have very few or no surface-reaching fissures.

The Emeralds you see offered at have all been subjected to treatment with oil; none of these have had polymer filling of any surface cracks or cavities. It is safe to say that 99+% of all Emeralds marketed today have had some form of similar treatment, so it should be assumed if it is not clearly stated and certified to the contrary. Even Emeralds that have very few or no surface-reaching fissures are typically included in the "batch" and oil is applied to them along with those that do have surface-reaching fissures.

After many years of wear, you may wish to have your emerald re-oiled. Most local jewelers are familiar with this process and can provide this service.

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Colombian emeralds will typically be the most expensive followed by Brazilian and Zambian stones. The reasoning is related to the color. Colombian emeralds get their color primarily from the trace amounts of the element chromium which is responsible for some of the purest greens in gemstones. Brazilian emeralds get their color primarily from trace amounts of the element vanadium and Zambian emeralds get their color from iron. Brazilian emeralds typically have a slight brown or gray cast and only sometimes match the pure green hue that many Colombian emeralds offer and Zambian emeralds often appear too blue due to their iron content. In reality though, emeralds from all three sources may be colored by more than one element.

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