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Emeralds and Mythology

Emeralds have always held a place in mythology. It was believed that the green of Emeralds soothed the eyes, and vision was restored when gazing upon them. It is reported that Emeralds were used by early stone-cutters to rest their eyes. It is also said that Nero viewed gladiator fights through an emerald because the color was calming.

Emeralds and MythologyThe green color of emerald is the sign of spring, and ancient Egyptians believed that Emeralds stood for rebirth and fertility, and could ease childbirth. Many Mummies would be buried with an Emerald around their neck in hopes of bringing them eternal youth. Often times, the Emerald was worn as a talisman, because of the belief of its ability to ward off evil spirits and possession.

Emeralds have often been used to provide protection on journeys. It is believed that one who is in possession of an Emerald will be provided with the protection of God, blessed with good fortune, posses mystical powers, have strengthened memory, intelligence, and the ability to predict the future.

Emeralds are also believed to hold healing powers, both emotional and physical. It is believed that an Emerald can lift depression, cure insomnia, detoxify blood, and cure ailments of the heart, eyes, pancreas, backbone, lymph nodes, intestines, kidneys and thymus. It is also believed that Emeralds alleviate complications of diabetes and enhance the immune system.

Emeralds have long been used for their emotional and mental powers. Many believe that wearing an Emerald will provide will power, mental clarity and easing of stressed states. Emerald is also associated with providing love and fidelity, inspiration, wisdom, harmony, growth, patience, peace and abundance.

Emeralds have also been associated with astrology. Emeralds are the star sign birthstone and planetary stone for Taurus (April 20 / May 20), and the lucky charm for Gemini (May 21 / June 20). It is also believed that the signs of the zodiac were involved in the origination of birthstones. Ancient astrologers believed Emeralds and other gems held many metaphysical properties.

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Colombian emeralds will typically be the most expensive followed by Brazilian and Zambian stones. The reasoning is related to the color. Colombian emeralds get their color primarily from the trace amounts of the element chromium which is responsible for some of the purest greens in gemstones. Brazilian emeralds get their color primarily from trace amounts of the element vanadium and Zambian emeralds get their color from iron. Brazilian emeralds typically have a slight brown or gray cast and only sometimes match the pure green hue that many Colombian emeralds offer and Zambian emeralds often appear too blue due to their iron content. In reality though, emeralds from all three sources may be colored by more than one element.

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