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Ordering Guide

Step-by-step Guide to Ordering

We want to provide the most enjoyable and risk-free shopping experience possible, so we have implemented several programs to ensure that you feel comfortable and satisfied with your involvement with us.

I. Find exactly what you are looking for

Finf items

If there is a particular gemstone you are looking for, type in the name or keyword in the search box located at the left hand side of every page and click the search button. If you already know the Item Reference number for a specific lot, you can also use the same system to find the items by typing in the reference number, then clicking the button.

For more detailed enquires, such as sizes, shapes, cutting styles or prices, please use the smart search link at the top of the page to locate exactly what you are looking for. Alternatively, you can browse the product categories, which are located at the top of every page or on the right side under the search box. Click here to learn more about searching and browsing.

II. Read and learn about your items


After finding the items you are interested in, if you click on the item name, you will see detailed information about where the stone originates from, and itís size, shape and quantity available. Each photograph taken of the stones is the most accurate we can show and the images are not retouched in any way.

For more general information click on the Gem Library which gives you access to the Multicolour Gem Library – a large resource of information giving you gemological properties and specifications for each stone type and a wealth of known facts and folklore associated with each gemstone from our inventory.

III. Select your items and place it to the Shopping Cart


Once you have decided which itemís you would like to purchase, click the "ADD TO CART" button, which will automatically take you to your shopping cart list. This does not mean you have bought the items. You can save the items of interest to you until you are ready to order or you can delete and empty your shopping cart or change the quantity, it is up to you.

You can also checkmark your items and add multiple stones to your shopping cart by clicking on the checked items box at the bottom of the page. This saves time if you want to purchase more than 1 item. When items placed into the Shopping cart you can:

  • Edit item quantities
  • Redeem your gift certificate, money-off coupon or promotion code, when available
  • Add gift wrapping service, when available
  • Add additional item services or components, such as Gem Certificate or Delivery Insurance

When you are ready to order simply click the "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" button and follow the instruction.

IV. Buy your items by completing the on-line order checkout process


If you are a new customer, you will need to sign in by giving us your e-mail address and selecting a password to open your on-line account. The on-line order checkout is easy to follow and you will be asked:

  • To enter a Shipping Address
    Tell us where you would like to ship your order. If you are shipping to an APO or FPO address, pay special attention to the instructions at the right of the page. If your billing address is different from the shipping address, don’t forget to select the appropriate option.
  • To select a Shipping Method
    Consider how quickly you would like to receive your order, how much you want to pay, and choose a shipping method. You can estimate total delivery time by adding the shipping time for the method you choose to the availability time of the item in your order with the longest availability time.
  • To select a Payment Method
    Let us know how you would like to pay for your order. We accept MasterCard, Visa, gift certificates, or a check, money order, or cashier's check denominated in U.S. dollars and drawn on a U.S. bank. All orders must be prepaid. If you’re paying with a credit card, enter the number without spaces or dashes. Please be advised that if you pay by credit card the amount charged may vary slightly due to currency fluctuations. For more information on displaying the prices in your own home currency, click here.
  • To review and submit your order
    Check the accuracy of the information you have provided and make any necessary adjustments. When you are ready, click the "CONFIRM THIS ORDER" button to submit your order. Once you have placed your order, you will reach a confirmation page, this will give you your order reference number and we will then send you an e-mail message confirming your order. We will send you another e-mail message at the time of shipment.

V. Confirmation and tracking your order

Order Confirmation

Once you have completed the on-line order checkout and have chosen how to pay, you will be able to check all the information is correct. You still may change or cancel your order at this point or correct any details entered.

To complete your purchase, click the "CONFIRM THIS ORDER" button to submit your order to us. Once we receive the information we will send you an e-mail confirmation contacting you with all your order details. From this point your order will have a status "OPEN ORDER" and you can:

  • Edit the shipping options and shipping address
  • Add more items to your order
  • Add or edit special orders instructions/comments

by accessing Your Order details from your on-line account. Furthermore we are committed to ensuring that you are kept aware of how your order is progressing so you will receive a further email when your order is shipped.

VI. Receive and inspect your order

Order Inspection

We will send you an e-mail confirmation as soon as we ship your order. From this point you can not change your order options.

Please note that the order delivery time and on-line tracking of the delivery progress depends on the shipping method you have choosen during the Order Checkout and regardless of shipping method selected, your signature is require upon order arrival.

Once you have received your order, you have a 7-day inspection period. If after this time you are not a 100% satisfied with your purchase, you may return the items and we will refund the full amount excluding shipping and insurance (if applicable). For more information about return procedures, click here.

VII. Tell us your opinion


If you are a 100% satisfied with your purchase, please confirm this to us by accessing your account, selecting shipped orders which will be visible on the first page after you sign in, and clicking the "CONFIRM RECEIPT" button.

It would be very helpful to us, if you would spare a moment to fill in the Service Feedback form or send us your comments. This will enable us to have a clearer understanding of your needs. We are always ready to solve any problems that you may be experiencing and this will help us give you the service you deserve.


Does this help? Continue Shopping. Still have questions? See Frequently Asked Questions.

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    To shop at, you must have a web browser that supports "cookies" and these cookies must be enabled. If this is not the case, your shopping cart will stay empty, because cookies are needed to keep track of what you have added to your shopping cart.
  • On-line order processing only accepts orders that are processed on-line regardless of the payment method you choose. Please complete the on-line order checkout before sending us any payments.
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    If you have questions about shipping, or when you can expect to receive an order, be sure to visit our shipping help. The shipping charges are per shipment ( e.g "order" ) and the same for any destination.
  • Promotions and Gift Certificates
    To redeem your Promotion code or Gift Certificate simply type received code at the shopping cart code into the field under the items list and click "UPDATE CART" to recalculate the totals.

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