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Hessonite is a golden orange variety of grossular garnet and an important astrological gem in Vedic Astrology known as Gomedh.
Natural Hessonite round weighing 3.270 cts, from Madagascar

Hessonite, also known as cinnamon stone or cinnamon garnet, is the most common variety of grossularite. The name comes from the Greek hesson, meaning inferior which is an allusion to the lower hardness and density compared to most other garnet species. With a refractive index of 1.742 to 1.748, and an SG of 3.65 both values are lower than the respective properties in other garnets.

Hessonite garnet is an orange, brown, or yellowish variety of grossularite. It is common in the gem gravels of Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Some hessonite is also found in Brazil, Canada, and Mexico and East Africa but Sri Lanka is notably the most important source for hessonites. From a gemological perspective the peculiar and unique treacle type inclusions give the stone´s interior an oily or even glasslike appearance that is a distinctive and easy to recognize.



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