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Multicolour Snapshot

Honesty is the best policy – when there is money in it

Customers comments are important to us – take a look at what some people say about us. You may also review our Ebay feedback.

I've never seen this type of cut before...

Finally, my friend and his family have arrived. The YAX 325 am Alexandrite Gem that you shipped to me looks very nice. It appears the same quality as you put on your web. I take this opportunity to thank for your honest deal.

Tim Fung Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

I've never seen this type of cut before...


Just a note to let you know that I received the stones this morning, and am quite pleased with them. The "bullet" shaped moonstone was quite a surprise – I thought at first when I looked at it from the side that it was a "belly cut", but I've never seen this type of cut before. Most unusual!

The scapolite and ametrine are quite lovely. And the prehnite – well, I just adore prehnite! I plan to mount the trilliant cut prehnite that I bought from you previously in a pendant, and mount this oval stone in a ring – for a demi-parure. Gorgeous! And just in time for Spring and Summer colors!

Also, thank you again for your patience when I mis-understood the instructions on the check-out page for returning customers. I Very much appreciate you sticking with me until I got it figured out and got properly signed in.

I've input feedback for you at eBay, and hope to be bidding on more of your lovely stones – and buying directly from your website as well - again in the near future. Thank you!


I absolutely love your new website...

Thank you!

I absolutely love your new website, it's so easy to shop in and being able to see your new items with one click is great!! My jewelry customers sure love you too when they see your gemstones in my designs. I especially love the radiant cut Danburites, I made a necklace and earring set just for myself. Thanks again, I'll be back!

Karen Pyritz Karen's Kreations Custom Jewelry

I look forward to doing more business...

My order (1 enstatite, 2 pacels apatite – total USD 118.00) that you shipped on January 3 arrived and is, at this moment, in my hands, in Jefferson City, MO (January 5 here). I am very pleased and that is, indeed, very speedy shipping. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!! Thanks very much.

I look forward to doing more business with you in the future – am particularly interested in purchasing an Alexandrite.

Terry J. Wynn

You have stolen a significant march on your competitors...

Dear David,

Your article, "Sapphires From Madagascar", published recently on the Multicolour website, provided absorbing reading and I hope it is the first of many items which offer an insight into the intriguing gemstone industry which has touched most of our lives in one way or another.

The feature shows that colour and richness is found not only in the prized jewels hewn from subterranean depths but also in the people who seek them out. Those reading it will have a greater appreciation of the hardships and the risks taken by the people involved in bringing these gems to our mailboxes by courtesy of Multicolour Gems Co., Ltd.

By providing educational background notes on the many gems available on MULTICOLOUR.COM and, now, with a compelling feature on the human elements associated with sapphire recovery in Madagascar, your company has taken a commendable initiative in expanding the knowledge available to those of us who take pleasure in collecting these small treasures. As well as surveying the multitude of high-quality stones offered by Multicolour Gems, I shall be looking with anticipation for more revealing articles on your website. You have stolen a significant march on your competitors and I wish you well.

Brian Cowley
(Seattle, Washington, and Christchurch, New Zealand)

Just wanted to thank you for yet another gorgeous gem...

Hi David and Tak and the rest of the multicolour family!

Just wanted to thank you for yet another gorgeous gem.. (alexandrite) I have yet to see better quality stones elsewhere on Ebay.. something tells me that I won't. I'm very comfortable buying from you and look forward to more purchases.

Not only do y'all have great quality merchandise, but y'all have to be the friendliest folks I've come across on Ebay. That means alot to a buyer and trust me.. you will go far...

Thanks again and thanking you once again for making this so much fun!!
Kathy, USA

I feel safe ordering from Multicolour...

Working with MultiColour Gems has been a pleasure. I get quick responses, honest and open dealings, and best of all fine stones, which are just as described.

I feel safe ordering from MultiColour, and I know I will receive a superior product without a long wait.

I highly recommend this as THE place to look first for fine precious and semi-precious stones.

Edwin F. Lesperance
Cultural Anthropologist
Program Specialist

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